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Photo By: Holly Ireland Photography

Twinkle Light Canopies

Using Twinkle lights instead of market lights can really transform a space.  We are able to provide many different solutions given your event space.

All twinkle light installations are custom and are priced individually.  You can get started on pricing details by requesting a quote below.

Lanterns in Action

Photo By: Paul Barnett Photography

Twinkle Lights and Star Lanterns at Luce Loft

At Luce Loft we created a starry night theme with both twinkle lights and our star lanterns

Photo By: 

Grand Horton Hotel courtyard decorated with whimsical twinkle light canopy

The patio at Grand Horton Hotel already has some unique lighting elements.  We added our own touch turning it into a fairy light wonderland

Photo By: VanHatten Photography

Moonlight Magic with a twinkle light canopy at St Michael's Church

For this charity event at St Michael's church in Poway we created a star effect with overhead twinkle lights to go along with our light wall on the stage.

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