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1ft Marquee Letters

What better way to say something special to your guest than to create custom signage.  Our 1ft Marquee Letters are all painted metallic silver, are light weight and can be used for everything from last names, signage for your bar, event hashtags, and much much more!  

Each letter is created individually so the possibilities are endless and our inventory includes all letters, numbers, and some symbols.  

1ft Marquee Letters are priced at $20 per letter and will have a delivery and setup fee dependent on placement, event date and venue.

Small Marquee Lights in Action

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A toast to new Adventures at Scripps Seaside Forum

Our 1ft Marquee Letters on a custom built shelf.  This was displayed over a deseert bar at Scripps Seaside Forum

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1ft Marquee Letters on a dessert table

A dessert table placement for our 1ft Marquee Letters at La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club

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Custom built marquee shelf for 1ft letters

Marina Village Bay View Room setup with a custom built shelf for our 1ft Marquee Letters

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