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San Diego Wedding Venue Love: Wolf Feather Honey Farm

If venue cool factors are rated on a 1-10 scale, 10 being the coolest, Wolf Feather Honey Ranch would be a 12. We were lucky enough to meet the owners of this incredible venue just over a year ago while they were in the process of planning their own incredible lovefest of a wedding. When they offered us the chance to go out so we could check out the space in person to talk about lighting ideas we jumped at the opportunity.

Twinkly market lights over the outdoor space

Market lighting over the 150 ft. farm table.

From the moment our truck rolled off the Temecula highway and onto the long gravel road that leads up to the house on the property we knew we were in for a magic afternoon. Chari and Craig (the farm's incredibly warm and genuine Chiefs) greeted us upon arrival and gave us a quick rundown of the hows and whys they ended up there... which is a super fun story but we'll let them tell you one day. Afterwards they took us on an adventure walk around and we fell in love. The property is a stunning private pistachio farmstead with loads of different cool spaces, places, and things for you to get creative with. Some of our favorites include the incredible 150ft long family style table, all their amazing vintage touches, the incredible stargazing you will have since the sky around will be all yours, the fact that they have some of the cutest animals in the world, and of course that given the right time of year you can simply walk the property to find foliage to beautify your wedding or event world. There is so much more to it then that though, the goodness you will feel from the moment your foot touches down on the land is really indescribable. Luckily we've had the opportunity to be getting out there more often these days since the secret is out about this amazing space. If you are looking for something that's truly a one of a kind and will give you a chance to have creative freedom with everything from the design to what delicious nibbles you serve up, you would be a fool not to check this place out.

In on sentence why we love Wolf Feather Honey: It's a purely magical space for creative lovers who want all the feels. .

Your wonderful Chiefs!

For anyone who is looking for a venue we hope this helps. For those who are already booked with Wolf Feather Honey, if you are looking for any additional indoor or outdoor lighting (market lights, twinkle lights, custom marquee lights, etc) we'd be happy to chat, answer questions, and give you any additional feedback on ideas!!


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