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Mood Monday: Spring Light Love

Photo by: Let's Frolic Together  Venue:

The flowers are blooming, the weather is perfect, and it's that season again in San Diego... or all over Southern California for that matter. With "winter' officially behind us you better believe we are all looking to take advantage of Southern California's incredible weather and head outside for weddings, engagement parties, school events... you name it, we go outside for it.

So where does lighting come into play? Well, we'll bet you'll be surprised to learn that lighting is often mentioned when people are asked what made the event or wedding so special AND SOMEHOW still manages to be one of the last things to be thought of in the planning process.

As you start to begin planning your event (or events if your a planner/coordinator/venue coordinator/etc.) consider what spaces you'll be using, what lighting they currently have, and what mood you are trying to set. Often times, lighting provided can be either too little or too bright. Bringing in overhead market lights, ping pong lights, twinkle lights, uplights, or marquee lights can offer your guest a more gentle solution to being able to see, while making your venue magical. With so much beauty lighting up our San Diego world (pun intended) in the next few months don't shy away from giving your guest the opportunity to see it! You can see more of our spring light love on our Instagram. Do you have an awesome spring event that lighting really transformed we'd love to hear about it.

Cheers to a great week!

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