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Easter Color Lighting Inspiration

Why hello Easter it's so good to see you again. This weekend families and friends will get together all over to enjoy egg hunts, chocolate bunnies, and (typically) anything pastel. Few of us have the means or the patience to take our lighting to the next level everytime a new holiday pops up... the house below is one of our favorite in San Diego and does exactly that

But how can you incorporate some cool lighting into your rad celebration without using plain white lights or all your party budget? Well with a little creativity, and a little color that's how. When in doubt, turn to the internet! We did about 10 minutes (5 if we get real) of hunting and found some ideas that are definitely worth noting. Let's start with the obvious: pastel paper lanterns (check out the yellow and white lanterns to the right). You can find paper lanterns at most party stores and they're easy and cheap to assemble. Want to get a little more fun? Add a DIY twinkle lighting project to the mix using easter cupcake wrappers, see what One Charming Party did here! Looking to find something no fuss and usable for the long haul? We spotted these bunny lights by Cox & Cox and fell in love - note these are quite a bit more $$$. Or perhaps you have a lot of different strands of holiday lights in the back? Take some of your multi color bulbs and add them in to your clear or white lights to bring in some blues and pinks!

Whatever you decide to do for decorations and however you decide to celebrate whatever it is you celebrate, we wish you nothing but a wonderful Sunday!



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