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San Diego Wedding Venue Love: Oceanview Room at Point Loma SUBase

With close to 600+ wedding venues in San Diego alone (and those are just the ones we know about) it can be mind boggling when you start the hunt for your perfect celebration location. I mean, that's just San Diego county venues, add in Los Angeles, Orange County, Palm Springs... woof. Let's just say, sometimes we feel like we've only done wedding lighting at a pindrop of the possibile places out there. We also talk to a lot of couples at places like the Bridal Baazar and other San Diego Wedding events that are at the exploring venue stage. SO we started thinking how can we help? Well, we did a little brainstorming and ding ding ding.... we go to so many of these veneus, why don't we start giving them some blog love. Here's the idea, we highlight venues we've worked at and give you a little taste of what we've seen there, and what we think makes it special.

Without further ado, we introduce Wedding Venue Love and our first venue, Oceanview Room at Point Loma SUBase.

Venue: Oceanview Room at Point Loma SUBase Style: Half Sunburst Market Lighting

We want to start by saying this venue is absolutely stunning.... especially if you are looking for that Hawaii meets San Diego vibe. The venue over looks the Point Loma/San Diego coastline and offers indoor, outdoor, AND lawn spaces for you to take advantage of (aka the super trifecta of spaces). Not only does the coastline backdrop wow during the day, but with the right overhead lighting on the gazebo patio you'll keep it a magical glow until the end of the night (we used market lighting to create the effect to the right). In addition, they just redid the outdoor patio area so the outdoor space and gazebos are on point. Last but not least, we've heard the service and food are exceptional.... it's no wonder we've been working here a lot over the last few years and will be doing even more in the next few. Don't take our word for it, go check out this venue!!

In words why we love Oceanview Room at Point Loma SUBase: Ambiance with stunning views, multiple spaces, & unique.

For anyone who is looking for a venue we hope this helps. For those who are already booked with the venue, if you are looking for any additional indoor or outdoor lighting (market lights, twinkle lights, custom marquee lights, etc) we'd be happy to chat, answer questions, and give you any additional feedback we can!!


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