Commercial Holiday Decor Design


Bring Extra Holiday Cheer to Your Customers, Clients, and Staff

Looking for a unique holiday display that is specific to your customers, clients, and staff? For over 10 years, we have collaborated with large and small commercial properties and communities to design, create, and install the holiday decor of their dreams. We work with our clients, hand in hand, to create displays that give their customers the warm fuzzy holiday spirit, and often something that they can interact with. Whether you are looking large Santa displays, decorated trees, interactive displays, large wreaths, or garland, we can help bring your vision to life.

Our Interior Design Services Include 

Tree Design

There is nothing like standing next to a beautiful glowing Christmas tree while out during the holiday season. Trees bring warmth and joy to the people around them. We work with you to procure both living and artificial trees that will create the perfect holiday ambiance for your mall, shopping center, lobby, theme park and beyond.

Static Displays

Looking for a Santa display, a place for your guest to create a photo moment, displays that are unique to your property and speak to your clientele? We work with you hand and hand to create those places, and spaces so that your holiday dreams can take shape, making for displays that will be talked about and enjoyed.


Commercial grade wreaths are a great way to give a simple but beautiful nod to the holiday spirit. We carry options that are pre-lit and pre-decorated. We also carry a variety of sizes that will make a statement to your building, lobby, hotel, or mall.


Using garland around light poles, railing, on overhead chandeliers, as a way to cheer up the bar or the front desk is a great option for a classic holiday touch. We offer and can acquire garland of all sizes and styles. We can also work with you to decorate the garlad with custom commercial decor.

Large & Small Decor

Need presents around the tree, fun decor around the restaurant, elegant holiday touches to the bar? We will help you to bring your visions to life by listening to your ideas and then working with you to bring them to life. There are no bounds to the designs we can create with you!

live christmas tree decorated with red and white ornaments
decorated wreath and red bows
custom holiday centerpiece with red and white decoratoins
christmas tree decorated with lights and ornaments

Ready to light up your Christmas?

We are located in San Diego and have years of experience in interior and outdoor Christmas light installation and design.
We’ll take care of all your holiday decorating needs, interior and outdoors; residential or commercial. We handle the entire process, from design and installation to care throughout the holiday season, and removal once the season is over.