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Photo By: Shewanders Photography

Roadside Marquee Sign

Our vintage roadside sign is the perfect way to tell your guest something special in a vintage style.  It can be used for event details, statements, hashtags and beyond.  It also photographs incredibly well and is perfect for first look pictures, bridal party shots, and more!

The Roadside Marquee sign is priced at $300 per and will have a delivery and setup fee dependent on placement, event date and venue.

Roadside Marquee Sign in Action

Photo By: Amy Lynn Photography

Roadside Marquee Sign at Moonlight Magic event at Dress Theory

Our vintage marquee sign lighting the way to the party at Dress Theory

Photo By: Courtney McManaway Photography

Uplights mixed with our Vintage Roadside sign

Desert View Tower is a magical place.  Here our roadside marquee sign and some uplights are highlighting that magic

Photo By: Color and Cake Photo

Ceremony Backdrop using our Roadside Marquee Sign

At BRICK our roadside marquee sign was used as a ceremony backdrop

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