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Photo By: Shewanders Photography

3ft Marquee Letters

Use our 3ft. marquee letters, numbers, and symbols to create the most incredible statement piece your guest have ever seen.  Each letter is created individually so  that you can creatively use them to spell whatever you'd like.  These giant white and silver letters are also a great option for an event photo spot, and can be stood up on the ground or hung overheard.  

3ft Marquee Letters are priced at $65 per letter and will have a delivery and setup fee dependent on placement, event date and venue.

Large Marquee Lights in Action

Photo By: Balboa Park Cultural Partnership

Our 3ft Marquee letters displayed as a welcome message for a Balboa Park Charity event

A custom built stand hung high enough for guests to walk under in Spanish Village Balboa Park

Photo By: Branch and Cole

Bar backdrop at BRICK with our 3ft marquee lights

Our 3ft Marquee letters set as a custom backdrop for a bar at BRICK

Photo By: Socialights

3ft Marquee Letters displayed on the ground

A little twist on the ampersand with a treble clef to display this couple's initials in our 3ft Marquee Lights

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