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Photo By: Lets Frolic Together


Chandeliers can act as a great centerpiece to an event.  We have a few different styles all revolving around lighting.  If you do not see something that fits your needs do not hesititate to ask as we are always willing to work with our clients.

Chandeliers are all individually priced and will be determined based on style and specfic installation details for your event location and date.

Chandeliers in Action

Photo By: Socialights

Edison Light Chandelier at Building 177

Large vaulted ceilings at Building 177 allowed us to custom create this Edison Light Chandelier

Photo By: Brit Jaye Photography

Vista Valley Country Club pergola decorated with suspended Edison Lights

Edison Lights and geometric shapes were a great pair over this head table at Vista Valley Country Club

Photo By: Socialights

Head Table Chandelier at Garty Pavilion

Without anything to hang from overhead we custom built a small support structure to hang this chandelier over the head table at Garty Pavilion

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